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Christine Southwell is a Health and Wellness Consultant and Massage Therapist, helping you to reduce pain and be the best version of yourself.

  • Do you often ask the question to yourself – “how can I improve my health and motivation

  • What is missing from my life?

  • How would it feel to wake up refreshed and energised, not tired?

  • Would you like to reduce ‘brain-fog’ and poor memory?

  • Do you have sluggish digestion, bloating, gas or acid reflux?

  • Do you have recurring pain or health conditions which have a negative affect on your life?

  • Are you that person that “has been on a diet most of my life and nothing works”?

  • Is anxiety or lack of confidence holding you back?

  • Would you like to take more control of your own health and not rely on your GP or the NHS?

  • Do you find it difficult to handle certain relationships such as a sibling, partner or colleague?

  • Would you like to be less angry and irritable and much calmer?

  • Would you like to stop procrastinating and be more organised?

  • Do you lack identity, individuality and find it hard to make decisions?

  • What is your passion – do you even have one?

  • Would you like to improve your ‘zest’ for life?

If you have answered yes to two or more of these questions, you will very likely benefit from a Health Consultant with an holistic approach to your lifestyle.

My Holistic Health and Wellness Consulting Programmes combines a variety of methods tailored to your unique identity, body type, mental stimulation and stress levels.   You will be guided through a series of changes, small but long-lasting which help you to be the best version of yourself that you can.


I work with you on food choices and diet, behavioural change and psychology, neuroscience and how your brain functions to help you form better habits.  I am NOT a Life Coach – My health programmes are better than that and we really do dig deep to get the answers that you already know.  Your sub-conscious mind can be very powerful but I can help you use it to your best advantage.  This can include looking at some, or all, of the following with amazing results!:

  • The real reasons and motivation to be happier and healthier
  • Goal Setting, Values and Beliefs (including changing negative beliefs)
  • Diet and Detox Plans
  • Healthy Eating “on the go” or during “busy times”
  • Working with the seasons to optimise body function
  • Basic self-care techniques and routines
  • Working on Time Management and Productivity
  • Improving your Sleep
  • Improving your Energy
  • Fitness and Exercise to suit your personality and lifestyle
  • Your relationships and social environments
  • Your job, career and passion
  • Your financial aims and rewards
  • Negative past experiences-but we do not go into them like counselling would
  • Spirituality, intuition, inner knowledge and ‘knowing’
  • How you respond to stress and problems that arise
  • Simple mindfulness in everyday life

Using a combination of Ayurveda diet, herbs, lifestyle and mindfulness and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), plus my own experience of these challenges, I can ‘get inside your head’ and look closely at your life and how you are living.  I help you to get to the core of what is holding you back and keeping you ‘unstuck’ and we agree simple and realistic goals to motivate and excite you-empowering and exciting stuff for both of us…….

Your diet will be crucial to changes in your mindset, habits, gut health and energy so we always start there.  If you are very toxic, a cleanse will be most important to start with so commitment from you will be very important.

With 8 years experience in anatomy and massage therapy, I can also incorporate separate bodywork techniques to help you including deep tissue or ayurvedic massage and trigger point or marma therapy to address muscular skeletal issues, encourage cellular regulation and energy and improve postural alignment.  Book in for a massage and link everything together to create the life you love.

A majical insight of understanding people, listening, kindness and really getting me to the core of my life.  When I first came to see Christine I was tired, bloated, emotional for no reason, lacking in motivation and social interest.  I live in a lovely area and appreciated that but could not work out “what was missing”.  Over the 5  months of working together, we got to the core of that and i have an understanding of why I have felt different..  People have commented now on how well I look.  I have let go of issues with my ex-partner, understand more about why I do what I do, am more organised (and on time!)  and can tune into when I need to step back and rebalance my life.  Ayurveda and NLP  (not sure how we did some of the NLP stuff but I walked out feeling different) has helped me change my life for the better – loving life now; well worth it.  Angela – Chichester, West Sussex

Since meeting with Christine, all areas of my life have improved-what a gift.  For years the child in me has been isolated, lacked trust and lived in self-punishment! She is very intuitive and my trust in her is well founded-wonderful.
Elaine – Liphook, East Hamphire


The price for the health programme, mentoring, guidance and education for 4 to 6 months will cost you £65.00 per session (1 hour to 1.5 hours)
Once you get back on track, half hour appointments, between seasons, will keep you on track at just £30.00.

You can, however, book a one-off appointment where I will assess you by doing a physical examination and look deeply at your life right now-from different eyes that you are NOT seeing. This will include giving you basic feedback and recommendatoins on daily changes that could benefit you and the best diet and routines to take away to do for yourself, PLUS a 30 minute phone call to see how you are implementing the changes, or what you are finding difficult. The one-off appointment, including the mentoring and support phone call is a combined £65.

Call now for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL CHAT – 07903 215524

Normally a 5 month programme is enough to change your mindset, your action and your life and to teach you to manage your own life, from the simplicity world of Ayurveda.  However, this will take commitment and a willingness to change and communicate back to me honestly and openly about what is going on in your life, what works well, what issues you experience.  I will be able to give you honest and personal advise and feedback to move you to the next step and clear up any queries or concerns you may have.

Everything we do is based on confidentiality between just us.  This means you have the time and space to open up and be honest with yourself to get your own results.  I look forward to helping.

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