Founder and Owner of Making You Healthier

Set up after leaving corporate office in London

I have always been a ‘anti-pill’ person to relieve pain.

I was more of an advocate of getting to the root cause of any mental or physical issues but people thought I was mad not to take that quick-fix pill to help myself!!!

Now, after many years of witnessing the effect that the short term medication solution has on people, I realise I WAS INTUITIVELY RIGHT SOME 20 YEARS AGO!!!

My years of curiousity, then research, then training on the brain has shown me that we so often look towards solutions than cause and effect to get our minds straight. 


The pharmaceutaical companies makes millions on you actually being sick. The profit revenues of Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Roche, AbbVie, Novartis and Merck & C range up to £24M plus. 

Imagine a world where you received just 1% of their profits. That could change lives for the better and not just get you hooked on more painkillers and more pills and more ‘take-this-to-feel-better-solutions. If the pharma companies invested just £25,000 in 100 holistic therapists for one year, we might just get a real chance to promote outselves…. hey; good to dream… maybe one day campaign. .

I moved from Hampshire to Looe in 2019 and just love The Dutchy for so many reasons.  When I am is not at work, I meet up with new and old friends and enjoy what this fantastic county has to offer.  My daily routine consists of a relaxing start to the day with sun salutation stretching, weights and meditation to help me on my busy day.  I also practice yoga and run outdoors but my workouts are always gentle, mindful and uplifting as I believe that over-exercising is actually bad for our health.


Originally from Ireland I spent most of my young adult life working in marketing, banking and human resources in London City. I worked hard but really wanted to travel the world, so I spent most of my free time travelling and touring around Europe, Thailand, China, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Egypt and parts of the USA.

If I had the power to ban 7 things, it would be:

  1. Microwaves
  2. Perfumes, anti-perspirant and room sprays
  3. Farmed and imported fish
  4. Margarine
  5. Zoos
  6. 5G
  7. Bake off on TV!

My values are:

  • Fun
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Achievement
  • Loyalty

There is no ‘right way’ to go about being human-we are all different and different is good. 

If you are going to invest in your mental and physical health, you will need to be honest with yourself and me and make the effort to work on the recommendations I give you. You will then see positive changes after just one session.

Ayurveda Health Consultant
Natural Herb Specialist

Massage Therapist and Qualified Aromatherapist
Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

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