Ayurveda Health Consultant
Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner
Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist

Christine is known in Looe as Chris Southwell.  She set up Making You Healthier, after leaving London corporate life.

During her office years, she earned good money, had less financial commitments so travelled and partied as necessary. She functioned in the ongoing stress and pressure, put up a friendly face but ran on overdrive.  She continued to work long hours, adhered to strict deadlines that kept changing and worked with people who were equally as driven and stressed.  Then her body shut down to tell her it could not cope anymore!

For years, Christine experienced anxiety, including social anxiety, insomnia and fatigue (all linked) plus fibromyalgia (the slightest touch was so painful).  Her energy was so low that just climbing stairs, going shopping, travel of any sort or routine operations meant she had to rest for days OR weeks afterwards!. Her social life suffered and she became isolated and depressed.

Thanks to a combination of incorporating Ayurveda, massage and NLP tools, Christine is now more energetic and full of life.  As a result of serious life changes, Christine now lives in Cornwall with her rescued house rabbit and long hair cat.  When Chris is not practicing her work and passion, she likes running outdoors in the beautiful fresh air and along the fabulous coastal path of Looe.   

She is also one of the administrators for the New to Looe Facebook page, which helps new people in the area link up to make new friends and attend local events together.

Her pet hates are people who constantly live for the past and those who blame others for the mistakes in their own lives.

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