Come along and learn how to balance your Kapha Dosha

Thursday 24th March – 10am to 5pm
(overnight option is also available)


This time of year is the time that issues with the kapha dosha are starting to show.  Weight-gain will be one obvious sign and a feeling of lacking discipline to get out and do things.  Lets face it, the energy of the world has not been too positive so kapha may be affected by this.  Vata will be feeling more anxious and fearful and Pitta will be setting goals and activities to start on (if they have not started already).


For some of you with an element of Kapha, you may be feeling more symptoms of:

  • Heaviness
  • Lethargy
  • Brain-Fog
  • Lacking Structure
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Mucous
  • Runny Nose
  • Sticky Eyes
  • Allergies
  • Weight-gain (as mentioned)

Aim for the Day

We will be doing an overview of the Kapha Dosha and the pathologies associated with kapha.  We will also look at the fabulous traits and strength that Kapha has to give to the world.

The outcome of the day will be to give you realistic tips and techniques to balance Kapha for March, April and May, as we move into the summer season.


I will be teaching you about the best stimulating and cleansing foods and spices to incorporate PLUS we look at how you can do this in the slow and steady pace that Kapha likes.  The teachings will cover topics on:


  • sleeping and bedtimes
  • meals and emotional eating
  • self-care routines
  • daily habits to help keep kapha balanced
  • exercise types and what to do best for Kapha
  • looking after your lymphatic system
  • looking at and improving your digestive health (the gateway to disease)
  • stimulating the kapha fire in the belly and mind


The Venue

Nestled down a quite lane just outside of Polperro is the large house with acres of ground, a hot-tub, swimming pool, plenty of parking, seating area, small wooded are and nature’s call to allow you to relax.


Included in the day will be

An ayurveda based vegetarian lunch, with kapha in mind

Use of the indoor facilities such as relaxation room, lounge and kitchen
Garden facilities with plenty of places to sit and listen to the birds
Outdoor hot-tub and swimming pool
A meditation session to help balance kapha
A simple and easy 3-day detox to restart kapha’s healthy eating



10.00am-Arrive – herbal tea – introduction and look around venue
10.45am-Guided Meditation
11.00-Teaching: Overview of Ayurveda Principles. Introduction to Doshas.  Overview of Kapha Dosha and imbalances
12.30/1.00pm-Lunch and Time out to relax – venture into grounds for some quite, swim in the pool to cool down or relax in the outdoor hot-tub. There is also a quiet room inside for reading and reflection.
3.00pm-Afternoon Salutations/Stretching (optional)
3.30pm-Teaching: Further education on Kapha dosha and weight-loss tips
5.00pm-Depart (overnight guests remain to explore Polperro or relax in the house)

(Overnight guests only*)
6.30pm-Evening Meal and Drink
7.30pm Your curious questions answered
8.00pm to 10pm-Breathwork, Relax and Bedtime

Cost for Day Guests

The cost for the day is just £75.00, including ayurveda teachings, lunch and use of the facilities (as above)

Cost for Overnight Guests (1 night departing at 9.30am Friday) £160

If anyone wants to stay overnight, it needs to be pre-booked in advance and stated in the booking form below.

Overnight guests will receive:

  • An additional evening meal with wine or juice
  • A private, double room with double bed and en-suite
  • Evening Participated Schedule * as above
  • A kapha balancing breakfast

I look forward to seeing you