Ayurveda Wellness Retreat – Pazin, Croatia
Sat 12th Sept to Sat 19th Sept 2020

Step back and relax with Ayurveda balancing, learning and yoga

Gain great insight into your unique personality and habits

Change your thinking

Change your life with learning workshops



This wellness retreat is based in a 12 bedroom villa with pool, just outside the beautiful town of Pazin, a Croatian town with an Italian feel.

Pazin is full of medieval houses, churches and landmarks.  It is growing in popularity and has many fine places for watching the world go by with a delicious wine or coffee or traditional pizza.

Can you relate to any of these questions?

  • Are you often tired and lethargic?
  • Is caffeine your ‘go-to’ wake up first thing in the morning?
  • Do you often feel overwhelmed and disorganised and work through lunch?
  • Do you experience regular “brain-fog”, anxiety or worry?
  • Have you noticed repeating negative patterns that you cannot seem to shift over the years?
  • Would you like more excitement in your life and get out of a rut?
  • Would you like more enthusiasm and motivation to get things done?
  • Does your weight constantly fluctuate despite being on a “healthy” diet?
  • Have you given up trying to lose weight?
  • Do you often feel bloated with gas after eating?
  • Do you get cravings for sweet, salty or carb foods in the afternoon?
  • Would you like to change your relationship with food and yourself?
  • Do you want to feel more relaxed and calm but stimulate and energetic at the same time?
  • Have you tried therapies that do not work or take forever to get results?
  • Would you like to change your behaviour and your life for the better?
  • Do you need a break where you can get away and think about your life?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then it would appear that you are in need of some physical or emotional rebalancing. This retreat will be perfect for you to give you time away with like-minded people to discover your true self in greater detail.  This will be done using the holistic science of the 5,000 year old medicine system of Ayurveda plus neuro-linguistic programming, both of which can open and re-programme your sub-conscious mind and hidden thoughts and feelings.  We combine this with modern scientifc research and have the perfect formula for optimal health and living with a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Learn simple tips for eating the right foods for each season and any health conditions, learn to adjust your diet as you need to without having to go on a “restrictive” or “elimination diet” neither of which work long-term!  Discover the best exercise for you without getting burn-out, fatigue or injuries.

The Venue

You will stay in a private villa which has a small pool, green garden and woods nearby for relaxing or yoga.

The pool area is located just outside the villa with loungers for relaxing in the peace and quite, and an outside eating area, big enough to accommodate 14 people.

Food will be provided in the authentic kitchen which has plenty of crockery and items for cooking your healthy, ayurveda meals..

The garden is spacious and allows for privacy for those that need it and the yoga classes which will be provided but optional.
This venue is ideal for a wellness retreat that will work to boost your physical and mental health in every way. 

By the end of the week you will:

  • Feel refreshed and revived with a better understanding of your unique personality and characteristics
  • Have insight into where your anxiety or stress comes from, with tips and techniques to keep both under control
  • Understand why you may be over or under weight compared to your peers, and the simpliest tips to keep weight balanced.
  • Know what you are good at and where your passions really lie – not where others think they are
  • Feel confident, in control and decisive about what you want from your life
  • Have better tools to deal with how you manage your time and your projects to become more productive
  • Understand why you do what you do and respond to certain stimulus different to other people; that could be anything from easily angered or frustrated to an attack of anxiety or a panic attack.  Once you understand these more, you can eliminate them.
  • Have addressed negative habits and your “inner voice” and change how they affect you for good
  • Be ready to change what is not working in your life
  • Appreciate the function of your digestion for your memory, mood and overall health and learn about food to use to re-balance any health issues when they arise
  • Understand how to improve your immunity, circulation, digestion, bowel elimination and body temperature
  • Learn how to see toxins in your body and how to remove them with simple everyday tools and techniques
  • Will have learned how to change your relationship with food before you change your diet
  • Identify the best exercise for your body-mind type.  Healthy exercise  is NOT about 10,000 steps OR running a marathon!
  • Learn about both circadian rhythms AND ultradian rhythms, which influence your energy levels, hormones, tension levels, heart-rate and brainwaves during the day.  Understanding these is a great eye-opener into your eating for the seasons plus your daily activities of getting more done or letting go at the right times
  • Look at how the impossible is achievable – what makes you happy, get this into a clearer picture and move forward from the day you leave the retreat.
  • Leave knowing you have had a life-changing ‘holiday’ which has taught you more about yourself in one week than you knew in years!!

What is included

  • Seven nights accommodation in your own private bedroom (sharing is catered for at a reduced cost per person as stated above)
  • Pick up and return transport to and from Pula Airport, Croatia.
  • Taxi to and from the airport (based on the recommended arrival times)
  • Vegetarian, anti-inflammatory meals based on Ayurveda principles of eating and ‘five-a-day’ concepts. This includes breakfast, main meal and evening meal plus snacks and food on walks or picnics.
  • A personal diet and lifestyle consultation with an Ayurveda Health Consultant-worth £65.00.  You will receive a personal diagnostic assessment, in private and your dosha/mind-body type and imbalance confirmed.  This will be critical to managing what you eat throughout the seasons. Once you know your dosha, or imbalance, many characteristics and traits will become clearer. Workshops will centre around these to help you understand why you are a night owl or lark, why some people can sit still and others seem more hyper or restless, why some people are naturally thin and others just put on weight by just looking at a slice of cake.  Why are some people angered easily and others more laid back or highly sensitive, why you get respiratory issues and others do not….. etc
  • Testing PH levels before and at the end of the retreat Your PH levels are a sign of a healthy balance between your acidity and alkalinity levels in the body.  The kidneys and lungs play a key role in this so keeping them balanced can give to optimal health as it can control inflammation and related illnesses.  The meals planned are based an anti-inflammatory compounds and a PH balancing list.
  • Alcohol with evening meal-1-2 glasses of wine for those who choose it-yes, this is not a full detox.  Discussion on alcohol consumption will fall within the workshop topics and the science about what is good and not so good.
  • A 40 minute back, neck and shoulder massage using natural aromatherapy oils-worth £40.00
  • Yoga – this is optional and gentle stretching will be shown as a good alternative for some people. I have a fantastic yoga teacher who will do the sessions based on your individual ayurveda body types and levels – how amazing is that?
  • Guided walks with meditations and self-reflection.
  • Day trip to Pazin – a fabulous town and harbour where you can walk without traffic, enjoy a coffee or traditonal Croatian or Italian lunch in one the many restaurants.  Transport to and from Pazin is included.
  • Guided meditations indoors and outside for relaxation, letting go of the past and moving forward
  • Guided Sun Salutations/Stretching/Breathwork to wake the body, increase circulation and digestion and move the lymphatic system-this is taken from Yoga; the sister of Ayurveda. These will be easy and gentle and shows you what you can do in your own time.
  • Wellness workshops-the workshops will give insight into your own health and wellness
  • Recipes to takeaway based on what we eat and discuss
  • Free use of wireless internet


Following the Retreat, you will be given FREE personal mentoring to move you to the next level of your life goals

  • Each person will receive a FREE 1/2 hour follow-up phone call consultation 4 weeks after the retreat.  This will help you keep motivated and on track with your goals.  This will help you stay balanced during the change of coming seasons of Autumn and Winter.. We will look at what is realistically working and where you may be struggling then guide you to towards the next step.    This would normally cost £35.00 but is included.

Workshops content will cover:

  • Introduction to Ayurveda and the different body-mind types.  This will include an overview of common clinical issues of each body type and how to address them eg acid reflux, indigestion, eczema, psoriasis, constipation, bloating, common muscular problems and being overly hot or cold; to name but a few.
  • Identifying your stress and anxiety.  How it is a ‘constant’ in some people’s lives, how it manifests.  Causes of stress including physical, emotional, mental and environmental.  Simple tips and techniques throughout the week to instantly reduce this and keep you balanced no matter what life throws at you.
  • How our brain and natural transmitters are linked to our health and ways to increase natural neuropeptides (no face creams here!) to help emotions, temperature, hunger, blood sugars, sleep and immunity.  Once again, this is paramount to tuning into your circadian rythms!
  • We have three brains: The head brain, the heart brain and the stomach brain.  We will see how they overlap.
  • Looking at burnout: Symptoms can show up as adrenal fatigue as diagnosed by your GP OR just your own voice saying “I’m exhausted, drained and empty”.  We get you to look at the real cause of “this” and what stage you are at now.   You might struggle to think clearly, feel normal, or even get out of bed and  the life you lead may no longer feed into the soul.  In Ayurveda this is called lacking “OJAS” and we have many ways to bring “OJAS” back into your life.
  • Causes and types of toxins;  Linked to Ojas is hidden toxins you will not be aware of.  How do you know if your body is holding toxins?  How to do a gentle cleanse for your body and lymphatic system between seasons.
  • Looking at digestion-what goes wrong with the microbiome in the gut. A great example of this is IBS which IS manageable with simple lifestyle changes.  Anyone who has taken painkillers, aspirin or antibiotics will have a compromised immunity, digestive issues, varying moods, low energy and toxins in the bloods. Get your microbiome right and you will feel great.
  • The importance of daily routines for health.  This will look at your naturally in-built rythms of the body.  These are circadian rythms, which form part of the day and night, plus the overlooked ultradian and infradian rythms. Learning about these for your unique body-mind can be a valuable insight on how you manage your day and the challenge of changing seasons.
  • Psychology of food.  Food takes over our lives far too much.  It is everywhere, we have every culture available to us at the touch of a button.  We eat the wrong foods at the wrong times and conform to three meals a day, which simply is not right.  We eat what we think is healthy but still feel tired, bloated and achy.  We will look at how not to conform to western world indulgence and why we have mixed up what is “good” for us and what is “bad” for us.
  • Read your own body.  Your body has an inner intelligence to show and tell you what is wrong.  We will be looking at some of the signs you can see on a daily basis and how to balance it out. Knowing when you are hydrated enough, or clogged up in the lymphatic system, kidneys or colon can be educational and we often ignore the signs.
  • We will look at how you manage your time. We all have the same time but many of my clients state tell me that they are constantly overwhelmed.  Motivation, procrastination and perfectionism play a large role in this. We will look at a simple and effective Time Management Tools that work every time.
  • Letting go of the past and your inner child voice will be crucial before you leave this retreat.  This is often a hidden voice from a sibling, childhood friend or parent. We will cover this in the workshops.
  • To help you move forward you will identify your goals, intentions, dreams or passions.  Whatever you call them, you need something to make you jump out of bed every day.

If you know what you want and have the energy and motivation to do it, life can be just wonderful

Workshops will be relaxed and informal using flipchart, whiteboard and your interaction.  Timings will be around 90 minutes to fit into the ultradian rythms I mentioned previously.  There will be plenty of time for reflection and questions, either in person or in a shared group during the week. This will help to enhance your personal wellness experience. 

What is not included

  1. Flights from UK to Pazin
  2. Petrol Expenses if travelling by car
  3. Towels, dressing gowns & slippers
  4. Water on Walks – bring your own refillable water bottle
  5. Entrance to sites or landmarks

You will be sent an itinerary and a list of what to bring nearer the time.

This retreat is not all about a packed week of learning.  You will have some “down-time” in the afternoon or evenings, depending on the weather and how we work the schedule to suit people.

Therefore, a full mid-week “free day” is planned so you can do what you want.  This will help you reflect on what you have discovered in the previous 3-4 days and give your brain a change of scenery and food choices.

Some ideas of things to do on your free day are:

  • Enjoy a stroll among the quaint and narrow streets of Pazin.  There is a great choice of cafes and restaurants serving delicous coffee, local wines and croatian and italian food.  There is also plenty of time for browsing and  general shopping. We will help guests to arrange travel to and from Pazin in advance using our local Croatian contacts.
  • Visit the national park with beautiful waterfalls and natural landscapes
  • Stay by the pool in the villa to relax or go into the woods nearby for some time alone.
  • Venture into the local town of Pula.  Full or history with a feel for how the locals live.

Pricing and Payment

Accommodation consists of your own traditional room (or shared room to keep costs down).

ALL rooms are en-suite.

  • Option1*. Private Room; double bed and en-suite £895 per person
  • Option2*. Shared Double Room with shared double bed with en-suite £700 per person
  • Option3*. Shared Room with single bed £600 per person


A deposit of £100 is required to secure your place and can be paid securely via PayPal

An invoice will be sent for the balance, which is payable by the end of April 2020.

A final note

You are responsible for ensuring you have your own travel insurance and will be asked to sign a disclaimer.

Due to the personalisation of this retreat, numbers are restricted to a maximum of 10 people.  Register your interest fast to avoid disappointment by filling in the form below or email me direct at christine@makingyouhealthier.com

Option1. Private Room; double bed and en-suite £895 per person Option2. Shared Double Room with shared double bed with en-suite £700 per person. Option3. Shared Room with single bed £600 per person.