Kapha Dosha

Kapha body-mind types will usually be of a bigger build or were a big child or teenager.  You may have been viewed as overweight when you were younger and often on some sort of diet.  This is where the kapha dosha needs help to realise that they will always be a bit bigger and there is

Pitta Dosha

Goals and Focus Pitta dominant people are generally very driven by nature and people who ‘get things done’.  Their qualities are usually that they are hot (in body temperature and ‘hot-headed’), with medium to light build. When it comes to work, pitta types have a great work ethic.  They are type A personality and work

Vata Dosha

Overview of Vata Vata body-mind types will usually be of light build or were ‘skinny’ when you were younger.  If you have put on considerable weight, it is possible that a Kapha role is a factor in your body due to lack of exercise or over-eating.  See more on Vata-Kapha later. You are quite ‘mobile’