What is Wellness?

Do you believe you have the power to influence how your lifestyle affects your health and longevity? Do you put everything down to your genes or your age? Well, the answer is that you CAN influence your health, your surroundings and how long you live. There is one person who can make you happy, healthy,

Simple Morning Yoga

Keep your body moving when you are stuck at home These simple and easy sun salutations will stimulate your organs and calm your mind Being stuck at home during this pandemic will be worse for people who do not take regular exercise, both from an emotional and a physical level.  Regular walkers, runners and cyclists

Things I Know about Knee Pain

I have been treating knee pain for years and here are some things I have discovered Knee pain can be caused by misalignment in posture, your hips and feet The knee is linked to the hip and ankle with the main purpose of helping us to walk Over-exercising is also not good for your knees,

Signs of Toxicity

Do you wake up tired even after a good night’s sleep? Do you experience brain fog/woolly head on a regular basis? Are you often unenthusiastic about life or social events? These are just 3 of the signs that you may have a toxic body. 90% of pathology begins in the gut ie the large intestine,

Vata Dosha

Overview of Vata Vata body-mind types will usually be of light build or were ‘skinny’ when you were younger.  If you have put on considerable weight, it is possible that a Kapha role is a factor in your body due to lack of exercise or over-eating*.  The vata dosha consists of elements in the body

Boost Motivation NOW!

What is your Goal, Vision or Dream? Have you got a specific goal or dream but you are not sure where to start with it? Do you dream about doing something that you know would make you feel good but put it off because you do not have enough “motivation” or “confidence”? Are you someone

How to sleep better

Using ayurveda and congnitive therapy, I can help you change your sleep patterns Do you wish you could sleep better than you do right now? Are your sleeping patterns having a negative impact on your life? Do you find that you cannot fall asleep when you go to bed or wake in the night and