Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing is just a simple form of relaxation but in the woods, amongst nature and trees (with your clothes on…)

1 hour £8.00

I would like to invite you to join me on some guided forest therapy and meditation on the first Sunday of every month to participate in some CALM, QUIET and PERSONAL AWARENESS, bathed in woods alongside Looe river.
A short 15 minute health talk on various topics to help you improve your personal wellness, followed by mindfulness in the woods and some quiet meditation and reflection.
I will encourage and guide you to become more present and aware of the nature around you using our senses of sight, smell, hearing and feelings.
By the end of each session, you should feel a sence of enhanced relaxation and calm and more awareness and perception of your surroundings, self and emotional state.  You may even take something away from the ayurveda and NLP teachings to help you make small but effective changes for your physical and mental health.  You can take what you want and leave the rest…

Try something new, Improve your wellness and book up… by contacting me direct via email or whats app or 07903 215524

Easy payment methods will be set up by the next session

Future Health Talks will include a basic overview and discussion on:

  • Digestive Health and relationship to mood, inflammation and pain
  • Further insight into the various hormones of the body and relationship to the immune system
  • Lymphatic System and link to the heart, plus how to keep it healthy
  • Enteric nervous system and vagus nerve and connections to other organs such as heart, lungs, throat
  • Optimising Sleep and why poor sleep can be linked to unhealthy emotions and an increase in fat