What is Ayurveda Medicine? Address the cause and not the symptoms

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health and healing.  It is based on the principle that one size does not fit all and protocols and recommendations are given based on the person’s genetic constitution, illness and lifestyle.  There is growing scientific research to show that it works and much of western science is now discussing what ayurveda has been doing for 5,000 years.  For example, ayurveda has looked at the gut microbiome as a first analysis and the west are just exploring it now!.  The World Health Organisation has also recognised and supports the proper use of Ayurveda with qualified practitioners. A balanced state of elements in the body brings health and an imbalance brings disease.

Ayurveda really is a simple science of life.  Ayurveda looks deeply at the function of your 70-trillion cells in your body and how they behave to dictate the person that you are.  If they are in balance, you will feel wonderfully energetic and in tune.  This includes the health of your organs and blood, nervous and endocrine system, digestion and circulation.  We look to get to the cause NOT JUST THE EFFECT OF YOUR SYMPTOMS.  For example, did you know that the kidneys and the heart are very closely linked?  Or that the liver is closely linked to the intestines and lymphatic system?

Ayurveda is a sustainable way to live and DOES NOT include fad diets, calorie counting or eliminating certain foods. In fact, some of the meals are absolutely delicious, grounding, nourishing AND filling.

As well as combining the knowledge of western nutrition, vitamins and minerals, Ayurveda looks at food and the chemical qualities they possess. Combining the five elements of nature and their qualities is key to balancing you as a person. For example, if your skin and hair are dry and you experience constipation I may recommend foods that are moist with a hydrating effect.  If you are hot, with skin rashes, I may suggest cooling foods and activites that cool the mind and body. If you are cold (especially the vata types in winter), I will suggest a food plan of warm, cooked foods.

Eating seasonally will be addressed once we get you back into balance and feeling great. I will explain and link you with the elements of nature such as space, air, fire, water, earth.  This is advanced ayurveda so will come later in your wellness journey.

“Christine’s knowledge of the body, mind and functional medicine is phenomenal. Her approach is holistic and individual – never rushed and very thorough. She is enthusiastic and kind and the environment feels calm, safe and tranquil. I look forward to my regular visits enormously and always leave feeling restored and motivated”.

With the individual approach, you are defined by:

  • Your physical characteristics
  • Your inner physiology and functions
  • Your emotional characteristics
  • The type of life you live. So your work, leisure choices, family, friends
  • The type of illness and disease your are most prone to

This is your dosha and we will be basing your treatment plan purely on that.  Please read about these in detail in my blog section or click on the links below and see which one you can relate to (many people overlap into two of these but I can help you determine where you are):

“She really is a powerhouse of knowledge. The simple and easy techniques for managing your own imbalances are great and you will learn so much about yourself along the way”.  

Some of the pathologies that Ayurveda aims to address are:

  • Irritable Bowels
  • Poor Sleep
  • Anxiety and Stress/Headaches
  • hyperhidrosis or cold extremities
  • Tinnitus
  • Raynauds Syndrome/Numbness
  • Cancer prevention
  • Obesity
  • Unwanted Weight-loss
  • Diabetes
  • Eczema/Psoriasis/Acne
  • Low immunity-coughs, colds, respiratory conditions
  • Overly dry skin
  • Hot Flushes
  • Gallstones
  • Oedema
  • High Cholesterol
  • Chronic Fatigue/Adrenal Fatigue/Lethargy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Low Libido
    …. to name but a few…….

A combination of techniques are used by me to help you, depending on your current situation.  This may include some or all of the following:

  1. Clean eating and gentle detoxification
  2. Nourishing therapy (brimhana) to build you up if you are underweight
  3. Ayurveda Body-Mind Types – Understanding yourself and how you ‘tick’
  4. Understanding and reading your own body so you do not have to see me so much
  5. Addressing body image and underlying motivations for what you want to be or look like
  6. Eliminating the concept of the “perfect diet” – there is none
  7. Reducing Cravings, including unhealthy sugary foods
  8. Addressing how your stress affects your diet
  9. Eating well with your budget – healthy eating is NOT expensive; it can be cheaper than unhealthy eating!
  10. Looking at spices and herbs to suit you and balance any issue you may have
  11. Cooking basics so you do not have to overthink anything relating to food
  12. How to get your five (or nine) a day simply and easily
  13. Balancing body and mind through the seasons
  14. Anti-inflammatory diets and why inflammation (such as arthritis) may be the cause of your pain or illness
  15. Managing the mentrual cycle better
  16. Probiotics and Prebiotics
  17. Managing and monitoring your own weight
  18. Managing and reassessing your own stress or anxiety
  19. Mindfulness and Meditation to suit busy lifestyles
  20. Yoga or Sun Salutations; asana sequences to calm the parasympathetic nervous system
  21. Assessing your negative inner voice
  22. What success means for you
  23. Looking at your own natural rhythms
  24. Utilising and using your strengths to benefit your life
  25. Creating your self-worth and self-love
  26. Enhancing your sex life
  27. Encouraging social connections that enhance your life
  28. Starting a new business or a new life
  29. Managing your time to be able to implement any changes that you want
  30. Eliminating or reducing muscular aches and pains with massage and stretching

Ayurveda can incorporate some, or all of the following for sustainable health, stress management, weight-loss and longevity:

  • Specific food plans tailored for the individual and pathology
  • Herbal or Mineral Protocols, taken from the root, plant or leaf
  • Balancing of Microbiome in the gut
  • Purification/detoxification methods
  • Medicinal Honey
  • Medicinal Baths
  • Seasonal Eating
  • Fasting
  • Hot and cold techniques to readjust your body temperature
  • Exercise for the individual
  • Yoga, mindfulness, meditation or relaxation technique
  • Self Massage
  • Medicated or Aromatherapy Oils specifically for your dosha
  • Dry Body Brushing and Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Ayurveda massages including detoxifying facials
  • Marma point therapy
  • Janu Basti with warm oil to nourish joints via the 7 layers of skin
  • Colour therapy
  • Forest Therapy (or Forest Bathing)

You get 10 minutes with your doctor – you get one hour 30 minutes with me!
Charges are £50.00 for your first consultation which includes a thorough assessment, written feedback, a
course of natural ayurveda herbs FREE (if needed), a detox/cleansing programme (if I think you need it)

We begin with:

  1. Body analysis including digestion, face and skin, ankles, tongue, ayurveda pulse
  2. Mental assessment including emotions, stress responses, anxiety and attitude to life
  3. Sleep patterns – this can be crucial to any issues
  4. Foods you find aggrevate you (and I don’t just look at gluten and diary)
  5. Environment such as home and work and relationship

Follow up appointments are £40.00 for one hour-this is where I mentor and coach you to succeed.  Each session will enhance the previous one and motivate you closer towards your goals, your optimum health and a better life for you and those around you.

On follow up sessions, we will look at what is working, what physical and mental changes you are noticing (and we will continue to work on those) and move to the next steps where we will address issues such as:

  • motivation and procrastination
  • fear, guilt, sadness and anger
  • relationships with yourself and others
  • anything that is holding you back
  • setting realistic goals

You can call for an appointment on 07903 215524 or email in confidence at christine@makingyouhealthier.com
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A Healthy Person is one whose digestion is fully optimised and whose bodily tissues (including plasma, lymph, blood, muscles, bones and reproductive organs) are functioning to optimum capacity.  Alongside that, if your senses and mind are filled with happiness and contentment you are then called a healthy person.

Mental health is a state of wellbeing in which the individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to his or her own community (World Health Organisation).

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Ayurveda Practitioner, Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Coach, NLP Practitioner, Qualified Aromatherapist, Trigger Point and Lymphatic Specialist.
The mental health conditions I specialise in are Anxiety and Depression.


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