Do you feel sluggish, heavy, tired and demotivated and want a detox cleanse that will work to put you back on track?
My 10 day detox cleanse can help give you renewed energy and focus and kick-start weight loss.  It is a mix of ayurveda principles and western nutrition so you cannot go wrong.

Guided Detox Cleanse Plan-total combined cost of everything £210
(reduced for January and February to £145). 

Detox Cleanse with proper food, guidance and support…

How will you know if you need a detox?

90% of pathology begins in the gut ie the large intestine, in the form of hormones, toxins and stools. The microbiome which live in the gut are affected by many variables.   Symptoms like rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety or depression may actually be a cause of poor gut microbiome. As most of our immunity also begins in the gut, things like colds, upper respiratory tract infections or urinary tract infections are signs of poor gut biome.

How toxic are you now and from week to week, month to month will be down to your lifestyle? Ama as we call in it Ayurveda is simply toxicity in the body.  There is so much PRESSURE TO CONFORM to what advertisers and peers suggest how we should celebrate or how we should enjoy our holidays-when do YOU get to decide?  You then set resolutions and goals to try to undo what you have done and only 12% of you will keep them.

Look at the longer-term picture with my help.  Start with a detox and see where it leads you.

Some signs of toxicity are:

  1. You wake up tired, especially after many hours of sleep
  2. You feel lethargic and tired most of the time
  3. You have lost your appetite for food but may crave sugars or ‘rubbish foods’
  4. Gas, bloating and heartburn are regular occurrences
  5. There is a thick white or yellow coating on your tongue; signs of possible inflammation in the stomach or intestines
  6. You have many unexplained aches and pains
  7. You feel anxiety or nervousness
  8. You have no motivation to socialise or get involved in a hobby or work
  9. You have irritation of the bowels in the form of either constipation or loose stools or just irregular movements
  10. You generally feel ‘blocked’; such as in or around your abdomen, throat or sinuses
  11. You have a ‘scattered mind’ or general memory loss, not related to a health condition
  12. You often get allergies or auto-immune responses
  13. You may have bad breath or a metallic taste in your mouth

What we eat is only part of the picture.

You also need to:

A. digest the food effectively
B. assimilate the nutrients from these foods and
C. excrete the unwanted waste from the body

Therefore, you may think you are eating healthy but if the other three things are not happening together with the right foods, toxins start building up.  Ideally, the meal you eat in the evening needs be digested and excreted the following morning.

Someone may have constipation or sluggish digestion so becomes tired from toxins being released from fecal matter sitting in the colon.  Equally, passing stools too quickly can cause lack of adequate nutrient and mineral absorption and dehydration.

Toxins have adverse effects in the body and build up in your stomach, digestive tract, bloods, liver and cells.  This can all delay weight loss but a designated detoxification plan can help even before you start on any exercise regimen.

Did you know that the liver is the main organ to helping you to cleanse and detox?  It is your friend but has to do so much work every day.  It recognises and converts anything that is a toxic substance into a form to excrete from the body.  Your liver is linked to your bloods, lymphatic system, kidneys, heart and lungs so we need to keep them all working well together. 

Benefits of My Detox Cleanse Plan

My cleansing and detoxification plan is actually quite simple and focuses on the digestive tract.  It is also for shifting unwanted toxins which you have accumulated throughout your body and organs from recent celebrations or general lifestyle choices. The benefits of this 10 day cleanse includes:

  • Increased energy and motivation to get things done
  • Helps mood swings and body temperature
  • Eliminate toxins and strengthens tissue function
  • Support for your immune system
  • Helps remove mucus and water retention
  • Rebalance your mind and your dosha
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Improves digestion (agni) and metabolism
  • Promotes better sleep patterns (especially if followed up with an added lifestyle-change plan)
  • Cleans and opens blockages in the cells so that exercise may then be more effective for your weight loss.
  • No Fad Eating! – Instead you have delicious meals including rice, vegetables, easy to digest beans, plus tasty and filling soups tailored for improved digestion and cleansing
  • It is great start to any weight-loss programme and the foods can be eaten throughout the year, when you need a “full reset”.
  • The added bonus of the detox massage encourges release of toxins as well as the diet and lifestyle plan
  • The added bonus of the ayurveda face lift and nasya therapy is that we also clear blockages in the head, neck and scalp for better clarity and focus

The herb I use for any cleanse is Guduchi and may combine it with other herbs, depending on what I think you need.
Guduchi has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years and some of the benefits are:

  • It is a powerful antioxidant
  • Helps gets rid of toxic chemicals in the liver and blood.
  • Helps increase circulation in the body and in the coronary arteries
  • With increased circulation comes more energy in the cells
  • Guduchi helps improves memory
  • It can help skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis – all part of the cleansing process
  • Research shows that Guduchi has anti-inflammatory properties that work even better than aspirin

What Is Included in the price? 

A 10 day detox cleanse plan to suit your lifestyle, digestive capacity and body type, including:

  • A 90 minute Health Consultation to access your current state of health and work out where the imbalances lie – usual cost £65.00
  • A written protocol with proper whole foods, for you to follow day by day for 10 days – it is easy if you make it a priority.  This will be emailed or given in hard copy – your choice.
  • Herbs in capsule form, to help cleanse the liver and gastrointestinal tract and to encourage elimination toxins from the cells (herbs will be tailored to the person and will not be given to anyone on certain medication) – herbs normal value would be £20.00
  • A 60 minute Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage or Aromatherapy Detox Massage to clear blocked and sluggish lymph from the immune cells – usual cost £45.00
  • An Ayurveda Facial and Nasya Therapy to clear sinuses, reduce lymphatic blockages in the head and face and relax the scalp – total bliss and great results! Usual cost £50.00
  • 1 x 1 hour phone call and 1 x 30 minute phone call during the cleanse to encourage and assist you and guide you onto the next steps  – normal cost of 1/2 hour phone call/skype or follow-up – £30

As well as the support and motivation, you will recieve the following as part of the cleanse:

  • Free body brushing chart to take away and use to balance your lymphatic system at home
  • Delicious, easy-to-digest recipes for breakfast, dinner and supper to take away and use during and after your cleanse to keep your digestion and gut healthy
  • Specific guidance on how to reduce the cause of your (toxins) after the cleanse-this is crucial to maintaining energy levels and good eating.  Normally cleanse put you back to where you were before – with Ayurveda, we keep you on track moving forward and you learn a lot about yourself along the way.
  • A list of seasonal grown UK produce to refer to for 3 months after your cleanse – this is also crucial becuase once we balance your digestion, you should really be able to eat most foods so you keep variety.  Eating with the seasons, means you are eating with your external environment for internal health BUT you need to know which foods are best for you during each change of season.  In ayurveda, we teach you this.

Total cost of individual assessments, consultation and feedback time, hands-on therapy time for both treatments mentioned, natural herbal supplements to cleanse and detox, and phone call support during the cleanse would normally add up £210.00.

For January and February only, it will cost you only £145 and you can book your start-date and therapies any time after these months.

The first day of the cleanse includes a fast but you can actually eat and drink!  However, you will have to plan nothing in your diary for day 1 and let go of your ‘to-do lists’.  This is a great time for a “duvet day” and some internal reflection or self-pampering.

Days 2 and 3 will involve you eating mostly gluten-free oatmeal and kitchari.  Kitchari is a cleansing meal consisting of rice and beans and specific spices for your body type. Both are foods which make you feel good (or Sattvic in Ayurveda) and includes some set meals and eating times plus some herbs and oil for cleaning the digestive tract.

Days 3 to 10 will be manageable as you work, rest or play.  This is also key to you providing yourself the time you need to plan your meals, cook and eat them.  The meals include a healthy balance of the right sugars, protein, carbohydrates and simple proteins (mainly from tasty soups and vegetables which are suitable for your personal mind-body type) and some protein.
If you CAN do another fast between days 5 and 10, you will benefit even more and we will cover this as part of your plan.

You may be able to enjoy certain smoothies in moderation but tailored to your digestive capacity (I will tell you which fruit will work best for you as one size DOES NOT FIT ALL and, despite the push on raw food diets, they are NOT  beneficial for everyone.  This will all be properly assessed as part of your initial physical assessment and personal consultation.

If you want to try your own body cleanse, my tips below will help you:

Getting rid of toxins is not just about eating a diet of smoothies, greens and juices.  In fact, I have seen the harmful effect that this sort of diet can have on health and weight gain.  In Ayurveda, cold foods do not always suit everyone and can wreak havoc on the digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid of the stomach.  This in turn can cause stagnation of digestion and malabsorption so toxins build up, fat is stored in the cells and weight increases; so the cycle of diet-weightloss-weightgain-diet begins all over again.

Your detox should to be based on your current stomach capacity to digest foods, how quickly or slowly you absorb the foods and the type of foods to suit you.  However, if you follow this simple plan below, you cannot go wrong.

1. Eat the right foods the right way

Eating the right foods to rebalance your genetic constitution is key to healthy cells and regaining homeostasis throughout the body.  This process can often take days or weeks to see results but will be beneficial longer-term.  ideally, you should be able to eat anything in season.  If something makes you bloated, causes gas, aggravates your skin or psoriasis or gives you no satisfaction as you eat then avoid it.  The psychology of food is to know you are eating because you are hungry, you are getting energy from it and you are eating in a calm and mindful way.  Stop eating as soon as you feel fullness in your tummy.  Do not eat at least 2 hours before going to bed, preferably more.

2. Support your gut and immune system

By helping to encourage the good gut flora with the gastrointestinal tract, you help to cut parasites and the imbalances that lead to disease.  Scientific research is showing the 80%-90% of disease begins in the gut.  There is a strong link between the brain and gut barrier too and the lymphatic and immune systems. Most issues really do start in the gut and science and the NHS will push this in years to come!  I will access your gut balance during your consultation and prescribe the best herbs to suit you.  Otherwise, take  a month of good probiotics whilst you are on a self-cleanse.  

3. Reduce inflammation

Most people are still unaware that most inflammation is caused, not by some random phenomenon in the body but by the foods you eat, autoimmune issues, injury or trigger points in the muscles or joints and exposure to irritants and chemicals.  Inflammation is the body’s immune response and examples in the form of Crohn’s disease or fibromyalgia are often caused by the cells and liver responses to toxins which has been ingested, inhaled or absorbed.

Remember, your body just wants to survive, so inflammation can show up as heat based issues, swollen joints, muscle or joint pain, headaches or even anger!.  By changing a diet to suit you, many of these symptoms can disappear in a matter of weeks.

4. Do Fasting

Fasting is not for everyone, especially if you are weak or ill.  However, it can also be fantastic for most people and easily done overnight whilst you sleep.  A simple fast is to not eat anything after 7.00pm in the evening and by the time you wake up, you may have done an 8 to 12 hour fast.  Ayurveda encourages fasting for different body types to lose weight.  If you can then skip breakfast (it is NOT the most important meal of the day) if you are the type that does not feel hungry in the morning, you will then have fasted for another 2 to 4 hours and your body will thank you for it.  Doing a day of fasting now and again and just having liquids will give your liver and digestion a break and be ready for your next meal.

5. Be Aware of Your Breathing

Most people are not breathing properly and it can be affecting your health.   I could write a whole topic on this but basically if you are not taking time to breath deeply and exhale fully,  there will not be enough oxygen into the body.  Short, sharp breathing is normally a result of stress so heart rate, gastrointestinal secretion and other functions in the body will be hindered.  Meditation and Yoga are great ways to get you breathing fully but otherwise just stop a few times a day and check in on your breathing.  Breath in for a count of 4 and out for 4, then in for 6 and out for 6 and you will be surprised at what you discover about yourself and your mind.   If you can learn nasal breathing, you will strengthen the vagus nerve which influences metabolism.

6. Try not to rely on the NHS for your healthcare and be motivated to look after yourself

The NHS does fantastic work but we all know how over-burdened it is.   Leave some space for the doctors, nurses and staff to deal with chronic conditions and try to manage your own general symptoms without  pills and drugs.  The majority of these drugs and pills will cause havoc on your digestion and gut health.  This can then manifest into the bloods, muscles etc and you will need another pill to counteract that.  Your liver and cells will be fighting these toxins and not have enough space to manage other external toxins.  So, aim to take control of your own health and you will begin to feel instantly better.  You will make better choices to cut toxins out too.

 what do we see here

7. Detox and Cleanse your Body between the seasons (and not starting in January!)

If you lived in an ashram in India, were eating the perfectly balanced diet, had energy levels that were consistent, had the perfect bowel movement daily and slept well then you may not need to detox.  There is much controversy over detoxification diets as many schools of thought claim that our bodies can detox by themselves.  This is absolutely true as our liver has at least 500 functions to keep our bloods clean, our bile in balance, insulin levels, hormones etc.  The problem is that we do NOT eat healthy enough of the time and take on too much stress, so will often need a boost to help things get back to balance.  Fasting and cleansing the body are fantastic ways to do this, especially between the change of seasons or weather.  This makes sense are we are made up of similar chemical elements to nature so to change with the seasons ourselves without really knowing it.

8. Aim to cut exposure to toxins

Aim for a lifestyle that suits your body type and personality.  This  is determined on how you manage stress, sleep, digest certain foods and your choice of work and relationships.  Reduce exposure to toxins both internal and external.  Some people are more susceptible to stress, so more toxins build up in their systems.  Some people are more laid back and sluggish so toxins can build up from lack of movement.  One size really does not fit all.

I had one client who told me that they are the “only person in the world on a ‘really healthy diet’ who cannot lose weight”.   We discovered during assessment  that too many raw and cold foods did not help her digestion and she was very stressed.  So, as toxins built up, so did the weight.  By going on an ayurveda plan of diet, herbs and routines to suit her, she lost 5kg in 4 months (a maintainable weight-loss) and  has managed to keep it off, plus has much more energy to keep going.

9. Drink and eat your water

Many of my clients are dehydrated.  Simple, clean pure water is the key to this and help reduce headaches, tiredness and flush out toxins.  Hot water is great in winter as we are not attracted to cold water much then.  The NHS recommends you drink 1.2 litres of water a day.  This simply is not true!  You only need to drink the water you need.  If you have water retention, you do not need to add more water to it.  You would, of course, need to address the water retention.  If your urine is clear, you have drunk enough water.  If it is dark and smells, you need more water.  Also, you get your water in your foods.

For full overview on the benefits of water, take a look at this article I wrote on the Health Benefits of Water.

10. Sweat to a level that suits your body-mind type (in Ayurveda this is your Dosha)

Here I go again, talking about your body type.  However, even when it comes to exercise and sweating, the type and time you exercise is absolutely key to maintaining balance in the mind and cells.  Over-exercising and over sweating is not always good.  Where are you starting with exercise?  Did you know that exercising in excess of 1 hour and 50 minutes a day can deplete your energy?  If you want to know what your body-mind type is, do book a consultation with me – you will be surprised what you learn about yourself.

11. Get a good night’s sleep

Scientific evidence has at last shown that the brain cleans itself when asleep. I learned this many years ago studying the lymphatic system and pleased to see that scientists are now conferring.  The lymphatics of the body flow from head to toe and that does include the brain.  There are networks of “waterways” that clean us whilst we are asleep.  These remove toxins built up during the day and getting a good night’s sleep can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and memory loss.   If you do have trouble sleeping, you need to address it as it is not normal – we were born to sleep.  I can help you change how you sleep by re-balancing the issues (often deeper rooted) that cause it.  Remedies are simple but effective when we look at it from an ayurvedic perspective.  I know, because I spent years in random sleep-wake-tired cycles until I discovered Ayurveda.

12. Have a specialist Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can help to boost the immune system as they both work together to protect the body.  The lymphatic system is part of the immune system which helps to remove toxins via the lymph nodes.   The drainage can help speed up the detoxification process.  It also reduces stress as it calms the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is part of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which also includes the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). 

13. Work out the reason behind your excess eating or drinking

As a Health and Wellness Consultant, the approach for any change in lifestyle or habits is holistic.  You cannot just exercise or just diet or just take a pill.  Many people are stuck and do not know why.  Having a clean body and mind are much more down to behavioural, psychological and social influences.  For example; ask yourself when you reach for something “what are my needs and how are they not being met”?  

Changing the elements of your life that help you be the best version of yourself and really let go of unresolved issues will be key to your happiness and greatest health and success.  Whilst I promote a detox, making personal choices to allow you to change your life will be more profound on everything you do say and are……

A Basic Detox Plan, including Assessment-£65

If you would like me to do a physical examination which will look at your body and I can recommend you on what imbalances show up in your body and give you recommendations to make some changes.  My full package addresses why you hold yourself back and your entire lifestyle and how you manage it.  If you are knowledgeable and motivated enough to make the changes you need by yourself, then this simple package will be great for you.  I will give you a 3-day cleanse to take away and try out.

The assessment will look at your medical history and lifestyle history plus your mental health and motivation.  I include a physical evaluation that looks at signs and symptoms which show up in your tongue, 3 pulse readings and your completed forms plus the observation and examination that I will do within the 70 minutes. This will tell me much more about you than you realise and will include general advise on how you can manage things by yourself.  I can tell you on how best you can manage your diet (and give you an ayurveda diet to balance your issues), assess your stress management and personality, how your exercise helps or hinders, your emotional balance and mental health and any easy tips and techniques that may help you. This is the simple approach that takes 90 minutes and I will email you a full assessment for you to do with as you choose.

Call 07903 215524 to book your full OR basic detox cleanse plan.
My health and wellness holistic approach is perfect long-term.
However, if you prefer to discuss what your health goals are and how I can help, please call for an informal, no commitment chat.
I get results because I can work around you as an individual and not just a statistic.






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