Health & Wellness Retreat to Restore Revive Relax

Friday 23rd June 2023 to Wednesday 28th June 2023

Residential-Full Board

By the end of this retreat, you will be relaxed with more self-awareness and insight into YOU

You will have tools to take more control, ease stressful situations, sleep better and be more productive with your time and your relationships

You will also leave feeling more passionate about your MEANING AND PURPOSE IN LIFE

This retreat will be looking at the impact of stress on your:

  • Sleep

  • Relationships

  • Eating and Drinking Habits

  • Energy and Enthusiasm

  • Planning and Getting Things Done

  • Perception of Yourself and Others

  • General Routines and Structure

  • Spending

  • Influence of Technology

This retreat is specifically designed to:

  • Help you feel refreshed and revived with a better understanding of your unique personality and characteristics
  • Give you more meaning to your life and dig deeper into what is truely important for YOU
  • Show you the science behind where stress comes from and understand why you do what you do and respond to certain stimulus different to other people; that could be anything from easily angered or frustrated to a panic attack.  We will be doing live demonstrations on eliminating these for people
  • Know what you are good at and where your passions really lie – this will help to lose the ‘ego’
  • You will have addressed negative habits and your “inner voice” and change how they affect you for good
  • Be ready to change what is not working in your life and take positive action to benefit yourself
  • Learn about both circadian rhythms AND ultradian rhythms.  These influence your stress, energy levels, sleep, hormones, heart-rate and brainwaves during the day
  • Have better tools to deal with how you manage your time and your projects to become more productive
  • Will have learned how to change your relationship with food
  • Learn simple tips for eating the right foods for each season and learn how to adjust your diet as you need to without having to go on a “restrictive” or “elimination diet”
  • Discover the best exercise for you without getting burnt-out, fatigued or injuried – EXERCISE SHOULD BE RELAXING NOT EXHAUSTING!
  • Understand the link between your digestion, your stress levels and your mood
  • Learn how to observe when your body is becoming more toxic and how to address this with simple everyday tools
  • Give you some fun and just a GREAT BREAK AWAY in Polperro and Looe

We all need a nice reason and motivation to get out of bed EVERY DAY feeling excited and energetic, rather than exhausted worn out

The Venue

Nestled down a quiet lane, you will find this manor of tranquility. 

Join us where the birdsong replaces your alarm call whilst you lie back on soft pillows in a private, spacious bedroom.  Take the strain away in the hot tub or a dip in the pool. A enchanting outside space with mature gardens and decking area to breathe in fresh air and just be.

This retreat gives you choices and some free time to explore the fishing villages of Polperro and Looe – the choice to turn off your electronics and rest OR step out into the range of circular walks the South West Coastal Path is also on offer.

You are invited to tap into the holistic programme which offers informative health and wellbeing workshops and therapies to try with our local massage therapist.  Perhaps you would like to join in and learn some breathwork and gentle stretching options to revive the body; with the visiting yoga teacher.  Perhaps you would like to try Forest Bathing Therapy to reconnect with nature and reduce stress.


Early booking guarantees your first choice of treatment and bedroom option overlooking the sea or gardens.


Other facilities include:

  • large bedrooms with en-suite
  • tall ceilings and a feeling of space
  • a designated ‘quiet’ room for silent comtemplation
  • lounge area
  • benches overlooking the garden of nature
  • BBQ area
  • Cornish farmhouse style kitchen area used by the chef but available to guests

The house is situated within walking distance to the quaint and historic fishing village of Polperro.  It is also accessable, by taxi car and bus (20 minutes) to the beautiful and hidden gem of Looe with a selection of cafes and restaurants, a river AND the sea all in the town.


This retreat is a bit different as it it NOT all about detoxing and forcing yourself to do things you do not want to do. 

Workshops are optional but we will be looking specifically at STRESS, SLEEP, and TOXICITY in cells – ALL of which contribute to illness and weight-gain. 

The science behind this is overwhelming and we will look at both an Ayurveda perspective from the medicine and holistic practices from 5,000 years ago, PLUS the western nutritional approach. 

The power of NLP comes into play as we test ourselves to understand why we tick, how the brain works on motivation, proscratination, fear and guilt.



It about REALISTIC, SCIENTIFIC, SUSTAINABLE Results. BUT IT must be relaxing, restorative and educational – NOT JUST A TEMPORARY ESCAPE FROM LIFE but PART OF YOUR NEW LIFE moving forward


Workshops content will cover (subject to slight change):

  • Identifying your stress  How it is a ‘constant’ in some people’s lives, how it manifests.  Causes of stress including physical, emotional, mental and environmental.  Simple tips and techniques throughout the week to instantly reduce this and keep you balanced no matter what life throws at you
  • How our brain and natural transmitters are linked to our health and ways to increase natural neuropeptides (no face creams here!) to help emotions, temperature, hunger, blood sugars, sleep and immunity.  Once again, this is paramount to tuning into your circadian rythms! We have three brains: The head brain, the heart brain and the stomach brain.  We will see how they overlap
  • Looking at burnout: Symptoms can show up as adrenal fatigue as diagnosed by your GP OR just your own voice saying “I’m exhausted, drained and empty”.  We get you to look at the real cause of this and what stage you are at now.   You might struggle to think clearly, feel normal, or even get out of bed and  the life you lead may no longer feed into the soul.  In Ayurveda this is called lacking “OJAS” and we have many ways to bring “OJAS” back into your life
  • Causes and types of toxins;  Also linked to Ojas is hidden toxins you will not be aware of.  How do you know if your body is holding toxins?  How to do a gentle cleanse for your body and lymphatic system between seasons. You will be introduced to a wonderful, tasty dish that helps to calm the digestion down and clear out toxins from the intestines.  Our meal plan throughout the week will incorporate the anti-inflammatory, high antioxidant diet.
  • Looking at digestion and how it is linked to mood and stress responses-what goes wrong with the microbiome in the gut
  • The importance of daily routines for calm and balance This will look at your bad habits and poor routines and address what is causing them. We all have the same time but many of my clients state tell me that they are constantly overwhelmed.  Motivation, procrastination and perfectionism play a large role in this. We will look at a simple and effective Time Management Tools that work every time
  • Introduction to Ayurveda and the different body-mind types.  This will help you look at things from a different perspecitve.  It will include an overview of common clinical issues of each body type and how to address them eg sleep issues, sensitivity, weight gain, acid reflux, indigestion, eczema, psoriasis, constipation, bloating, regulation of body temperature and common muscular problems that can be resolved with simple changes
  • Psychology of food.  Food takes over our lives far too much.  Some people turn to food when they are stressed or out of sorts. This is a “conditioning” that happened in younger years. We will look at this as part of stress and overwhelm on this retreat.
  • Reading your own body.  Your body has an inner intelligence to show and tell you what is wrong.  We will be looking at some of the signs you can see on a daily basis and how to balance it out.
  • Letting go of the past and your inner child voice will be crucial before you leave this retreat.  This is often a hidden voice from a sibling, childhood friend or parent. We will cover this in the workshops within the conscious and subconsious brain part of NLP
  • To help you move forward you will identify your goals, intentions, dreams or passions.  Whatever you call them, you need something to make you jump out of bed every day. That is your PURPOSE.  You will leave the retreat with this in your heart.

Note: Workshops will be relaxed and informal using flipchart, whiteboard and your interaction.  Timings will be around 90 minutes with plenty of time for reflection and questions, either in person or in a shared group during the 4 days. This will help to enhance your personal wellness experience. 



What is included

  • FIVE  nights accommodation in your own private bedroom (or sharing either a double bed or a room with 2 single beds and bathroom)
  • Vegetarian, anti-inflammatory meals based on Ayurveda principles of ‘eating for optimal digestion and mood’ concepts. A great part of this retreat package is that it includes breakfast, main meal during the day and a light evening meal with wine or drink of choice. You will be taught the importance of when to eat your main meal and what liquids and water to include. Unfortunately, desert is a no but a light healthy snack before bed is allowed for certain body types – we will cover this on day 2 or 3 of this retreat.
  • Massage Therapies will be available to be booked and paid for seperately (£45-£60)
  • Wellness workshops-the workshops will give insight into your own health and stress. Once you know how you ‘tick’ or respond to certain situations many things will become clearer.
  • ‘Significant part of the day’-when are you more active? when do you have enegy but others around you flouner? Why is it that you find it hard to wake up but your other half is bouncing around? Why does someone come alive at night when you want to go to sleep?  (I just love these sessions with my clients but happy to share with you on this workshop – it gets a lot of laughs too)
  • Guided meditations indoors and outside for relaxation, letting go of the past and moving forward in your new way of living
  • Guided Sun Salutations/Stretching/Breathwork to wake the body, increase circulation and digestion and move the lymphatic system-this is taken from Yoga; the sister of Ayurveda. These will be easy and gentle and shows you what you can do in your own time
  • Coastal and forest walks with meditations and self-reflection.  We will be based 10 minutes from the South West Coastal Path, which leads to Talland and the fishing town of Looe. You can walk these paths yourself very safely and easily
  • Free use of the hot tub, swimming pool and BBQ
  • Free use of wireless internet

This retreat is not all about packing in days of learning.  You will have some “down-time” in either the mornings or afternoon or evenings, depending on the weather


Some things to do on your free time IN AND AROUND POLPERRO are:

  • Stay at the house and have a swim in the pool or soak in the hot tub
  • Walk down the lane into Polperro and browse the shops, cafes and galleries
  • Visit the Polperro Museum of Smuggling and Fishing or a n art and gift shop
  • Relax by the small beach away from the village
  • Swim or relax in a local rock pool
  • Leave Polperro and visit the town of your host; Looe.  With a beach in town and some great shopping and cafes, you could spend a full day there for sure
  • Relax at Looe beach which is slightly larger and gets cleaned daily
  • Visit the woods hidden in Looe and have time alone to reflect and think – We will be doing a GROUP FOREST BATHING HERE TOO
  • Book a glass bottom boat trip from Looe
  • Try a traditional cornish pasty at one of the bakers in town
  • Visit the Looe fishmonger before you leave and take some fresh catch of the day home (bring freezer bags and blocks with you-these can be stored in the venue)

Following the Retreat, you will be given the option to join a support group follow-up to access further levels of your health and wellness and ask any questions to help you move forward

We will look at what is realistically working and where you may be struggling, then guide you to towards the next step

What is not included

  1. Petrol Expenses if travelling by car
  2. Dressing Gowns
  3. Meals on your ‘free-time-to-explore’
  4. The massage and reflexology are optional – further details will be provided to those interested in booking

You will receive a personal phone call within 5 days of booking and payment and you will be sent an inventory of more details about the venue

Pricing and Payment (all inclusive)

1. Double Room with Double Bed and private en-suite – £745 per person

2. Shared room with 2 single beds with private bathroom across the landing – £645 per person:

To Secure your place NOW, complete the form below and you will receive an invoice and follow-up phone call to confirm

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me on 07903 215524
Whats App 07903 215524

A final note

You are responsible for your own travel insurance and will be asked to sign a disclaimer.  Of course we will look after you to the best of our ability and keep you safe during this 4 days away. Covid and hygiene measures are in place to help everybody relax and enjoy what is on offer. We will cover the immune system as part of this safety

Book now to avoid missing out on a great opportunity. I look forward to our time of fun and exploration