Starting in July, I am offering an informal “walk and talk” which includes a short walk followed by a mindfulness session and health talk on various discussions

This will focus on weight loss, but will include a general holistic approach to everything in your life, so you can manage your day better and work out why the weight is there in the first place.  The approach will be from an ayurveda and neuro-linguistic programming side of things as they work well together to help you make small changes over a longer period of time.

It is a very small group for now and will cover a short distance along the seafront, until we have more guidance from the government about larger formal rambling walks.

Topics I will cover between July and September are
  • Introduction to Ayurveda-what it is and how western science and medicine is slowly talking about the subjects we have known about for over 3,000 years
  • Getting to know your own body-mind-type and imbalances (your dosha). Once you learn this, you will really start to tune into why you do things as well as the pathologies that may show up in an unhealthy person
  • The Wheel of Balance-We will all fill this out to see where you want to focus more attention on
  • How to assess your own body from a general point of view, before things manifest as disease
  • Digestion – this is key in ayurveda. 80% of disease starts in the gut.  I will explain how this works and get you to understand your own unique digestive type.  Tuning into your digestion is key to your health journey. Digestion links to your sleep, your mood and your weight – the gut/brain barrier
  • YOU ARE WHAT YOU 1. EAT 2. DIGEST and 3. ELIMINATE-You need to get used to talking about bowel movements – ayurveda looks at everything internally from a cellular level
  • Diets – why they don’t work long-term and what food plan may suit you going forward. When you are in balance, you should be able to eat just about anything without issues! What is more important than a diet is WHERE YOU EAT, WHAT TIME YOU EAT, THE TYPES OF FOOD YOU EAT and YOUR ABILITY TO PROCESS AND ELIMINATE THE WASTE.
  • Cleansing and Fasting – different people need different measures. The best times of day or year for you to do this.  The 1st of January each year is a no, no for detoxing and setting goals – this will make sense when you know more about ayurveda
  • Seasonal eating and living and your circadian rhythms – again, these are crucial in the world of ayurveda as it helps you stay in balance through the year and helps you to re-balance once things get out of control.
  • The 3 brains – head, heart and gut – getting you to tune into these to maintain your wellness
  • The Lymphatic System-an overview of what this is and how it is completely overlooked by the medical profession for issues such as unknown fatigue, muscle aches, fibromyalgia etc. The lymphatic system plays a large role in your immunity too. I will explain how your body cleans itself during the day and how your brain cleans itself when you sleep.
  • The Immune System – what is it really? I will explain the organs involved in this and how you can best support it
  • Stress, Anxiety and Guilt – What these negative states of mind do to your body and how you can control them. This will overlap on the other topics
  • Exercise -the best exercise for your body type-this is crucial for your motivation and weight. How Sun Salutations could be the best exercise you can start with. Why over-exercising can also be unhealthy!
  • Muscular skeletal issues – arthritis is being blamed for a lot of joint problems or muscle aches and pains.  Often it can be caused by inflammation or trigger points in the body.  I will show you how to release these with simple easy tips to try at home
  • Sleep and daily routines (dinacharya) – how to get the best morning and evening routine to help you be more productive and energetic throughout the day

PLUS ANYTHING ELSE THAT COMES UP OVER THE WEEKS, so please allow some flexibility on topics.