Massage Therapy – where other practitioners have failed, I will succeed

Whether you experience recurring ‘neck pain’, ‘frozen shoulder’, ‘tennis elbow’, ‘sciatica’ or ‘knee and foot issues’ stomach issues, feeling “out of balance” or a busy mind,  I can help. 

I look at your posture, flexibility, medical history, hydration levels, diet and lifestyle.  These can all have a profound effect on muscle aches very often, the pain felt is NOT the source. 

Aromatherapy Oils are used in ALL my massage treatments at no extra charge. I have a diploma in aromatherapy so know which oils blend best and work effectively on the muscles, skin and internal organs. When mixing oils for you, I will also take into account your age and lifestyle, skin condition, allergies, and sensitivity.-the aromatherapy oils I use are from a reputable supplier and NOT tested on animals.


£40.00 – 1 hour. This will address any particular issues, including a 25 minute deep tissue back massage
£45.00 – 1 hour 15 minutes. Ideal if you need more time on your neck or scalp
£55.00 – 1 hour 30 minutes.  A perfect head to toe treatment, including arms, hands feet and scalp plus a herbal tea

Massage Therapies Available

For a detailed description of each therapy, click on the link below :

Full Body, Face and Scalp Massage 
Deep Tissue Massage/Trigger Point Therapy

Sports Massage for Athletes
Pregnancy Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Back Neck and Shoulders
Ayurveda Facial and Nasya Therapy

Treat the cause and not just the symptoms

People underestimate the issues which come from another parts of the body.  For example, I see people with knee pain and it is coming from their hips and lower back.  Or it could be creeping up from your ankles if your skeleton is out of balance.  Ask yourself this-is the pain on the inside or outside of my knee?  Does it hurt to stand up from sitting or just when I run?  Does it hurt to walk uphill? Does it affect me when the weather changes?  So many factors can come into this but I am experienced enough to work out the best reason and result for you. Give me a try and see what we can do.

Here are just some of my client reviews:

Having been all over the world and stayed at many hotels with spa centres I can say Christine is one of the most skilled massage therapists I have ever experienced. She is very helpful with relieving chronic aches and accident symptoms and creates a wonderfully relaxing experience. I thoroughly recommend her to would-be clients. John G

I am a bit of a sceptic where alternative therapies are concerned but Christine has been incredible in helping me with my recovery. When we started a year ago (after a major Ankle operation), I would painfully limp into Christine’s treatment room and comfortably walk out an hour or so later. Amazing.
Her ability to get to the source of an injury and manipulate muscles and ligaments is quite unbelievable. Shon S

Quite simply the best massage treatments I’ve ever had! Christine is a very professional therapist who always goes the extra mile. She pays great attention to detail in preparing a soothing environment, from the warmed table to the thick layers of fluffy towels, and the ready mixed, organic essential oils, that I know I can walk into the room and leave the world behind. Christine’s massages are exceptionally intuitive and tailored to my changing needs at every session. She always applies just the right amount of pressure to release my deep tensions & correct my posture, the effects of which I continue to experience for days and even weeks afterwards. I wholeheartedly recommend…. Sam P

While on holiday for two weeks I found myself in the unfortunate position of having a flair up of my Fibromyalgia. My head and was so bad I was struggling with the light. At the appointment Christine asked me lots of questions about my condition and general wellbeing, I found her to be very knowledgeable in her field. I can’t begin to describe the relief I got from my 2 sessions. Christine worked on certain trigger points and the relief and advice that I got was excellent with very good after-care advice. I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support while on holiday…. June from Scotland

Amazing. I felt that Christine gave me all the time I wanted and really focused on my problem areas. Would highly recommend for both relaxation and rejuvenation. Yvette M