Introducing… the Ayurveda Facial and Nasya (nose) Therapy… 

A ‘face-lift’ massage plus Nasya Oil Therapy combined into one

“The best facial I have had; very different and great value. I was able to focus for weeks after” Louise-Liss

One hour of a totally relaxing, yet uplifting face lift massage that leaves you feeling lighter, hydrated and free of tension.  This treatment uses warm oil and lifts and hydrates the skin, reduces wrinkles, releases tension in the face, head and neck.  It clears sinus congestion and accumulated toxins from the head area and leaves you with a clearer mind and feeling refreshed for weeks afterwards.  I will work with a combination of accupressure points, marma energy points, lymphatic drainage and general massage.

There is the additional focus of medicinal oils dropped into the nasal passages to lubricate the head, improve the voice and support clear vision.  These are normally seperate treatments but I personally love to combine them, as I see better results and satisfied clients from the combination (see notes below**)

Ayurveda facial

Beneficial for:

  • Stiff neck or pain in the head or jaw
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Congestion of sinuses
  • Issues with speech, voice or throat obstruction
  • Face tingling or drooping eyelids
  • Unexplained tension below the neck within the clavicle area
  • A sensation of ‘blockage’ in the jaw or neck
  • Insomnia (although this can be treated better with an Ayurveda Lifestyle)


How it Works

You are lying down for the entire treatment and wrapped in warm towels for added comfort. First of all, we open the pores of the face and nasal membranes by steaming your face with hot towels.  I also use organic tea tree and eucalyptus oil to kick start the detoxification process.

We then massage your entire face to move unwanted toxins via the marma energy points and lymph. Your sinuses are drained and the pathways for toxins via the lymphatic system are opened to encourage flow back into the bloodstream for cleaning.  Stress and anxiety will cause muscles in the neck, head and jaw to tighten and this can often result in headaches, tightness in the neck, poor focus, sore scalp and general head tension.  The massage movements are gentle and the heated oil encourages you to instantly relax. 

I then move to your scalp, an area where more tension is held than most people realise.  By working the marma points of the head and face, we help to relieve pain and encourage the body to re-balance.

The added extra of the nasya therapy (or nasal therapy) is great for calming the nervous system, (especially Vata disorders-which my case study people will understand!).  It also helps clear the sinuses, which can become dry and irriated by polutants and dry air.  Medicinal oil is dropped into the nose and you relax for 5-10 minutes whilst the oil moves through the passages.   Using a medicated oil doubles the effect and this will be chosen for you on an individual basis.

Whilst the oil is absorbing, you will have a warm or cold eye mask over your eyes (depending on your ailment) and you have your hands massaged, which will work additionally on the body energy points via the hands.

Cost:  1 hour – £45.00

Please note precaution regarding this combined therapy**

  • Do NOT eat at least 2 hours before your nasya therapy as best on a light stomach but NOT hunger
  • Do NOT go to bed for 2 hours after Nasya Therapy
  • Cannot be done if menstruating, grieving or if you are dehydrated
  • Remove make up before arriving to allow absorption of all the natural oils
  • You may taste the oil in the back of the mouth but it this will not cause harm and will be administered gently to avoid this
  • Do not plan anything in public after this therapy, as a lot of oil is used around the face and hairline! – great excuse to go home and relax! – especially you vata and pitta types who want to do something afterwards!
  • If your eyes are dry, we will use a warm eye mask
  • If your eyes and sinuses are swollen, I will use a cold eye mask
  • All of these are included in the cost

I tailored this package myself based on results and feedback from clients, so this is a specialist treatment and cannot be replicated elsewhere.
You will feel the benefits after just one session but a follow-up session would be ideal for a perfect body-balance.


photo by office469 / Pixabay