A perfect Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage lasting a whole hour

Recommended for

  • Those who are not interested in having their legs done and just want the whole time spent on the upper body
  • Anbody who has constant lower back pain and has not had massage or physio for some time
  • Those who hold serious tension in their necks and need lots of time where other therapists do not cover
  • A first or second session for anyone with sciatica.  This gives the time to focus on releasing the issue before covering the full body
  • Anybody on holiday in Looe who just needs a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage to compliment their break

How it works

This ‘no-frills’ massage addresses shoulder, back, neck or arm issues. I will aim to release the underlying restriction with manipulation, trigger point release and deep tissue massage.

Great value and enough time on the table to gain noticeable results, although it may take 2 or 3 sessions to release it to a comfortable level.  Also, daily self-maintenance and stretches may benefit you to do at home. I can advise following treatment.

My organic special mix of oils are included in the price.


A whole hour on your upper body is £45.00.  This makes a nice option to the basic 25 minute and 40 minute back massages, which are often not enough time.

If you experience hip and leg pain I would advise you to book more time with a full body remedial massage for the same price – see more details here

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