Deep Tissue Back Massage incorporating Trigger Point Release for sore shoulders, neckache and lower back pain
(1 hour-£45.00)

This ‘no-frills’ massage addresses shoulder, back, neck or arm issues. I will aim to release the underlying restriction with manipulation, trigger point release and deep tissue massage.

Great value and enough time on the table to gain noticeable results, although it may take 2 or 3 sessions to release it to a comfortable level.  Also, daily self-maintenance and stretches may benefit you to do at home.  I can advise following treatment.

My organic special mix of oils are included in the price. Allocate 1 hour of your time.

If you experience hip and leg pain I would advise you to book more time with a full body remedial massage – see more details here

Call now on 07903 215524 to book your deep tissue back massage

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