My Signature Deep Tissue Massage gets some great feedback as we get to address the underlying cause of your symptoms, such as restricted movement or imbalanced posture.

It is also deeply relaxing and you leave the room feeling like a different person….

Recommended for

  • Those who experience deep muscle aches and pains
  • Reducing headaches
  • Relieving back, neck and shoulder aches
  • Anyone with restricted arm or shoulder movement
  • Sciatic problems or hip restrictions leading to knee pain
  • Is also ideal for releasing tension caused by continual PS or laptop work

How it works

Myofacial release can have a profound effect on our bodys when it is knotted and tangled across the muscles and organs.  This can affect our posture and movement.
I release this and combine medium to deep pressure massage with my specialist training and knowledge of trigger points, I will aim to address all the muscle groups related to your restriction.  This will include myofacial release within the connecting tissues to leave you with less aches and improved flexibility.

I also mix a special blend of my own ‘muscle-ease’ essential oils, included in the price.


remedial massage therapy

60 minutes £40.00
75 minutes £45.00 (includes more time on neck and a herbal tea afterwards)


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Photo by Wayne Palmer via Compfight