This massage is aimed at addressing the ayurveda body types but can suit anyone who experiences constant headaches or a ‘busy mind’, pressure in the head or constant neck and shoulder aches.  Oils are blended on arrival for your specific ailment and the therapy is tailored for you at that time.

Benefits of this therapy include: 

  • A feeling of lightness and clarity of mind
  • A calmer nervous system (I work and rebalance the vagus nerve-an imbalace contributes to tinnitus and many other ailments in the full body)
  • Reduced stress and tension in the neck head and scalp
  • Better concentration (this can be tailored for those with poor memory) due to better circulation
  • More self-awareness and focus
  • A fantastic non-evasive treatment for anyone who does not like body massage
  • The benefits of this can be as effective as any other body or energy work.

1 hour – £45.00

Photo by: HeikeFrohnhoff / Pixabay