This Pregnancy Massage is for mum-to-be during a time when you have to cope with discomfort, extra weight and water retention
(1 hour – £45.00)

Pregnancy can bring a variety of issues and changes such as aches in the upper back and pelvis due to softer ligaments. You may also experience tenderness in muscles, poor circulation, hormone changes, constipation, poor quality sleep and fatigue.  First time mums can also feel a little nervous about the birth, so this therapy is designed to be slow and calm to help you and your baby feel safe and relaxed.

pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage is a little different to regular massage.  You will be positioned on your side with pillows for support, which provides the most stability for your baby and is also most comfortable for you.

I will also adjust my strokes and techniques to accommodate your pregnancy.  You will be covered in towels whilst I work on the exposed parts.

Treatment begins with a warm towel rub on your feet which are then wrapped in a warm foot glove.

One side of your body will then be gently massaged from leg to upper body, whilst you wear an eye pad to help you relax. Relaxation is further enhanced with soft music playing in the background to ease you into your massage.

This massage is always tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Here at Making You Healthier, I do not massage the abdomen during pregnancy, unless it is requested-it is entirely up to you.

If you are past your first trimester, call me to discuss your requirements – 07903 215524

  1. After speaking with you, I may require written consent from your doctor or speak to your midwife before we can undertake this massage.
  2. I will also carefully assess you with my own written Consultation Form before proceeding
  3. You should be past your first trimester to have this massage
  4. It will be at my discretion whether to proceed when you arrive, based on further consultation
  5. Pregnancy Massage should only be performed by an experienced and skilled specialist.  Do not have massage if you are unsure

Photo by Pawel Loj via Compfight