A Deep Tissue Massage targeting specific muscle groups based on the exercise you do. This treatment is aimed at runners or cyclists or anyone who participates in regular sports or gym work, especially if you are not in the habit of stretching properly!

(70 mins-£45.00)

The aim of this massage is to help muscle groups affected by strenuous exercise or athletic activities.   Lactic acid or lactate can build up and cause further aches and over-exercising can increase free radicals* in the muscles.  So whilst you may feel healthier from exercise you may also experience backache, sore gluts, hamstrings, calves and elbows.

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I have worked with cyclists, runners, tennis players, horse riders,  and yoga instructors.

The technique I use is deep tissue massage but also gentle manipulation and trigger point release of smaller areas to restore the muscle and surrounding ligaments to their ‘normal’ positions.

We will do a full assessment beforehand to avoid aggravating any weak areas or existing injuries.


You may need further sessions but following your treatment, I can also suggest one or two specific stretches to take away to do in your own time.

* Free Radicals cause cell damage and oxidative stress. Eating foods or taking supplements with antioxidants will prevent cellular damage and strengthen your body’s defenses.


Photo by Dawn via Compfight