A massage working deep into the muscle fibres, ligaments and tendons. Perfect for anyone who exercises regularly. £45.00

You call this a ‘sports massage’ but I call it a “sorts massage” as it will sort you out.  Get rid of the pain holding you back from your exercise routine.  Essential oils are specially mixed to absorb into the muscle and enhance the therapy.  

This specific therapy is always based around the exercise you do or competitions and events you are training for.  Deep tissue, soft tissue, active stretching to help muscle fibres, warmth or cold and gentle manipulation is key to helping you be pain-free. It will vary from person to person. 

Recommended for

  • Runners
  • Cyclists
  • Rowers
  • Tennis Players
  • Speeding up recovering injuries, especially knee or ankle issues or frozen shoulder
  • Those who want to get back into exercise after a time away
  • Those who have problems with flexibility and strength and want to move forward with exercise goals


A one hour session is normally enough to help sporty people.  If you have a recovering injury, you may need up to 6 sessions to aid recovery fully.  Otherwise, regular sessions will just increase joint mobility and flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury during your normal exercise regime.

1 hour – £45.00 (includes oils, stretching and self-help tips)

Treatment Aims

Over many years, I have worked successfully with cyclists, runners, tennis players, horse riders and yoga instructors.  Whilst half of you hate to admit you overdo things, I do not judge but help you physically get to your goals.  If you want to run 10 marathons in 10 weeks, we can discuss the plan for that.  If you want to exercise consistently but a niggling knee or ankle issue is holding you back, then we will work with that on a different level.  If you just want to get out of bed each day and walk up the Looe hills at a leisurely pace without pain, then I can help achieve that too.

The more I get to know you, the better your treatment plan as we can both be honest about what is or is not working for you and amend the sessions depending on what your muscle response is.

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How it works

The aim of this massage is to help muscle groups affected by strenuous exercise or athletic activities.   Lactic acid or lactate can build up and cause further aches and over-exercising can increase free radicals* in the muscles.  So whilst you may feel healthier from exercise you may also experience backache, sore gluts, hamstrings, calves and elbows.

Treating sports related issues DOES NOT HAVE TO HURT.  That is what put me off in the past! Muscles and ligaments love it when when we take it easy to help them release blockages and tension.  Unnessary pressure and pain causes the muscle to tense up as it reacts to what it thinks is a threat.  Muscle memory is very clever and will respond to limited pressure or manipulation.

I work on issue of concern first as this can often take up the full session time.  I use my own mixed essential oils for muscle ache as these complement and can help warm, sooth or cool the muscle groups concerned. Once we relax the central nervous system, your muscles and heart will respond better to the therapy.  Therefore, I will include a short back massage in my treatments to get the best results and value for you.

We will do a full assessment beforehand to avoid aggravating any weak areas or existing injuries during the session.

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* Free Radicals cause cell damage and oxidative stress. Eating foods or taking supplements with antioxidants will prevent cellular damage and strengthen your body’s defenses.


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