Individual Prices are:

Massage Therapies (see therapies page for more details)
90 minutes – £60.00
70 minutes – £45.00

Ayurveda Body Analysis, Diet and Lifestyle Advice and Support:
Digestion Issues, Sleep Problems, Toxic Clearing, Immunity Boosters
£50.00 for 1 hour 30 minutes

Neuro-linguistic Programming (to treat Emotional and Mental Health Conditions):
NLP is a type of psychotherapy which looks at language and personal development to achieve positive change
Eliminate your irrational Phobia once and for all-£130- 1 session normally works to get this under control
Eliminate Unnecessary Anxiety-£50- 1 or 2 sessions
Improve how you think about yourself and the people around you and view life more positively
Set realistic and exciting Goals, Identify your uniqueness and values-something to want to get up for each day
Coaching for Goal Setting, Set Objectives, Define Your Purpose
£50.00 – 70 minutes