Massage Therapies

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Some clients called me ‘Miss Marple’ because of how I can detect and discover what is going on.  Others say I am a mix of massage and physio (although I am not trained in physio)

  • 1 hour – the no-frills remedial massage therapy to help general muscular issues.  The hour can be spent on just back, neck and shoulders (especially if you have ongoing issues for years) OR back and legs. Results combined with relaxation.  £45.00
  • 1 hour sport therapy – really get to the cause of what is holding you back with your performance in sports.  If I can find it, I can release it because all the muscles overlap to create restrictions in movement.  This is a deeper massage combined with some stretching techniques. £45.00
  • Sciatica Specific Treatment – this is a tailored approach aimed at reducing pain in the low back, hips and legs.  This requires a unique approach to ensure your symptoms do not get worse.  A combination of myofacial release, soft tissue manipulation, trigger point therapy, joint rotation and stretching are key to helping reduce pain and pressure caused by this nerve and the linking muscle groups – 1 hour-£50.00
  • 90 minutes – the holistic body approach includes time spent on remedial issues but includes all of the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands and a choice of scalp OR feet – a perfect balance of muscular skeletal issues and relaxation £65.00

Coaching for Goal Setting, Set Objectives, Define Your Purpose

I am a coach first and foremost and helped lots of people to see, act and live their lives differently.  My coaching is holistic so includes absolutely everything in your life, not just one or two areas.  This includes relationships, self-esteem, anxiety, negative beliefs about yourself, identity, past experiences, what you eat and what it does to your mood, your work life and ambitions or goals in life, your home environment, finances, guilt, sadness, depression.  Holistic means whole and I can make you whole again.  What a lovely thought?
£50.00 – 1 hour.  £15 per half hour phone call when you are struggling (if you want me on call, this is pre-arranged in the contract)

Ayurveda Body Analysis, Diet and Lifestyle Advice, Support & Coaching

Working with your unique body mind-body-responses (dosha) I can help you really understand yourself and your uniqueness.  We all have different  digestion Issues, sleep problems, stress responses, body temperatures, sensitivities, illnesses.  I can help you identify and change these (without pills)
£50.00 for 1 hour.  Initial consultation and discussion is 1 hour 30 minutes (you get 10 minutes with your doctor)
£15.00 for pre-arranged mentoring phone calls when you need it most or are struggling with something we have agreed to try.  I find this is most useful when clients are having a panic attack or really stuck on a question within their new way of thinking.  A great extra support for you to sign up for. I will mention this in our 1st initial consultation.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (to treat Emotional and Mental Health Conditions)

NLP is a type of psychotherapy which looks at so much more than just affirmations!  We can change negative patterns, limiting beliefs and any realationship you want to move on from.  It really does change your map and picture of the world, for the better.

The best thing about NLP is that you see instant changes in just one or two sessions.  You do NOT have to sit and talk and talk and feel the pain for months on end!  I change the neurons in your brain, which in turn changes your state of mind.  This then changes your impulsive responses and pictures and you achieve positive change.  A bit of Paul McKenna but without the hypnosis……Many of my clients tell me that they cannot believe this is around for so long and not available on the NHS or gets the recognition is deserves.


  • Eliminate the Irrational Phobia once and for all.  It holds you back in life and you want it gone!£100-1 session normally works to get this under control. Again this is what NLP can do.  We do not put you through the fear at all but just change how your brain views it, so it is then reduced or eliminated.

Anxiety and Depression

  • Eliminate Anxiety or Depression-£50 a session-up to four sessions suggested.  You do NOT have anxiety and depression is a response that your brain and body have trained itself into.
  • Anxiety is a state of mind and the body responds; so you respond to certain triggers.  We change the CAUSE – Change the cause – change the state and – change the mind – it really is that easy with my methods.
  • Improve how you think about yourself and the people around you and view life in a more positive state
  • Set realistic and exciting Goals, Identify your uniqueness and Values
  • Have something to inspire you to want to get out of bed each day

Combine the whole lot above and you have some coaching.  Work with me for 5 to 6 months and you will NOT regret it.  This time next year, your life will be TOTALLY different.