Take Control of Your Own Health

Take control of your own health. Eat and sleep better and eliminate toxic pills and foods?

Over many years of experience and research, I have come to believe that we can heal our own bodies from many ailments diagnosed by the medical profession.  Our generation and our parents generation, have moved too far away from the positive influence of our primal ancestors and nature as a cure.

We farm salmon, wax lemons and confine chickens into small spaces. Our beef comes from cattle which are fed on wheat instead of grass.  We eat fruit and vegetables sprayed in chemicals and grown rapidly indoors and we have depleted so many nutrients from our soil. We clean our homes and our bodies with products that contain cancer-promoting parabens and we sleep in fire-retardant beds that have a draining effect on our endocrine and lymphatic systems.  We take on too much to impress people and conform to society and we certainly do not allow enough time to reflect and contemplate. Food has been manufactured to cook in 5 minutes and we use microwave radiation to heat it up. Our tap water is contaminated with birth control and hormone chemicals which has to be treated with more chemicals to make it safe to drink.  Our toothpaste is packed with fluoride and our teeth fillings are full of mercury.

Hidden toxins contribute to poor nutritional absorption, toxic cells and bacteria

Your body has to try to work harder to remove these toxins from your liver, bloodstream and lymphatic system. Too much cortisol (the stress hormone) can also have effects on weight, immune function and increased risk of chronic disease. It is no wonder so many people are tired or depressed, experience muscle aches, poor concentration, organ dysfunction, food cravings, diabetes and weight gain. They then seek temporary relief through pills or unhealthy habits to relax. There has also been an increase in cancer rates over the last 50 years, the number of people with dementia doubles every 20 years and depression is now a global mental health issue.

take control of your health
We are burdened by unhealthy advertising to influence some impulsive and expensive purchasing choices and technology which can cause fatigue and repetitive strain. Many operations on things such as knees, hips, and gallbladder can be avoided with a bit of self-care, education and support from the right profession.

The Bitter Sweet Pill of Hope?

Many people I have encountered¬†are on pills of some sort for cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, gout or depression and too many of us are quick to pop a painkiller at the first sign of a headache or muscle ache. Take fatigue as an example. People are often told ‘it’s in their head’ and Doctors say there is no ‘cure’ because they cannot¬†diagnose the exact cause of the symptoms. ¬†It is not in the head (except when isolation and depression take over due to immobility to socialise or lead a normal life). ¬†It is in the brain and body and dealing with the body’s internal systems and¬†poor anti-body function can reduce the¬†symptoms.¬†I have met people who have regained control of this and I have helped myself personally recover from this with a change in diet, lifestyle and perception. I now have clearer thinking and more energy and vitality. Sometimes we just need some help.

Our largest organ, the liver, plays a part to defend against pathogens and is abused by us and cannot function to best capacity.  The thyroid, if working to its greatest level, plays a role but is knocked down by toxins.  A congested liver and eating wheat decreases cells that defend against pathogens. Gluten alone is not the culprit as production of wheat has changed so much in the past 50 years that it can cause inflammation in people with low optimising organs. It is heavily sprayed and contains two toxic substances, gluten and gliadin.  Inflammation and candida in the gut result, causing irritation to the bowels, muscle aches, headaches, poor sleep, poor concentration, sensitivity to noise and over-stimulation.  Guess what Рthis leaves you totally exhausted and the cycle begins all over again, getting worse over time!!

Pills treat symptoms NOT causes

They are called drugs in the US so what does that tell us?¬†They¬†can¬†place added toxins and burden on your liver, kidneys and lymphatic (digestive/immune) system and brain.¬†If¬†we can try to¬†look more at the causes and understand how¬†your¬†individual brain and body works, you may be able to¬†reduce, or in some cases, reverse your condition without having to put a label on it.¬†This applies greatly to¬†mental health conditions¬†which can lead to unnecessary isolating lives for the sufferer (and I’m talking from experience too).

Let me give you a few staggering facts about our world of health today

  • The NHS spends moretake control of your own health than ¬£1billion a year on costs related to back pain.¬†Low back and neck pain¬†are common physical conditions requiring medical care.
  • Joint pain¬†is a commonly reported problem but is really a musculoskeletal pain in a defined body area.
  • Depression¬†has increased (particularly in teenagers) over the last decade and it is estimated that in 2020 it will be the second most common cause of ill-health worldwide.
  • Stress¬†(which can raise heart risk) increased by 35% in 2012.
  • Heart disease¬†is on the rise and the costs to treat it could triple by 2030.
  • Diabetes¬†in the UK has increased by 1.5million in the past 16 years and is estimated to be 5 million by 2025, mainly due to obesity.
  • There are around 250,000 people in the UK with¬†Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • There are approximately 1.4 million¬†alcohol dependent¬†people (possibly more)¬†in the UK with over 25 million worldwide.¬†Alcohol¬†and¬†Food Addiction¬†and¬†Binge Eating¬†are real and serious mental illnesses and lead to isolation and guilt¬†for people who do not have the right¬†support to understand their addictions or actions. Some of you reading this will already count for the current or future statistics.

My work and my wellness blog will look at all of these over time to help you understand, educate and aid with small changes to help make your life more toxic-free and better for the long-term. The next article will be about drinking more water, a simple but effective way to kick-start your optimum health.

What has worked for you to get you to take control of your own health? Please share your story to help others.

My aim is to educate so that you can make simple changes and choices for yourself before you become another statistic on the NHS or World Health Organisation records. We need to spend time to Restore Revive Relax.

(Resources: Cancer Research, Alzheimer’s Disease International, NHS, Ask, Alcoholics Anonymous, Anxiety UK, WHO)

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