My weight-loss programme is designed to help you lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF.  There are no fad diets here and no calorie counting!

If you are ready and willing to put the work in that I instruct you to do, I can assure you, the weight WILL fall off.  The key here is that you will need some patience and get to know yourself again.

As the process is long-term and sustainable, you MUST be ready to commit to 3 to 6 months to this, especially if you have over two stone to lose.  This is important as your brain and habits will need to change.  The changes in the seasons will also be key as you need to change what you eat based on the power or slow-down of our natural digestion and environment and foods around us (just like our ancestors did).

There are NO fad smoothies, shakes or days that you have suffer without food.  You can eat REAL FOOD and you WILL feel full and satisfied afterwards – something most diet-plans do NOT do.  Fasting and over-eating must be put into balance depending on how you as a person and how you respond to certain stimuli in the world around you. My mentoring and guidance will take all this into account. In Ayurveda, we look at your body-mind-spirit type (your dosha) and create a plan based on that.

If you are the type of person that “is always on a diet” or has always been a bit overweight in your younger years, then you need to look into the dosha types of Ayurveda.  Chances are that your kapha plays a dominant role and you will always be a bit ‘bigger’.  However, finding ways to manage the emotional eating and increase in weight at certain times of the year will be key for you.

Forget counting calories or SINS- that DOES NOT work long-term and can drive yourself mad when it comes to eating or cooking, not to mention the people around you.

I will guide you along every step of the way and most importantly, urge you to change your mindset AND re-train your brain and relationship with food.
Weight loss is not easy for everyone, but I can educate you on how your body works and create a ‘toolbox’ for you based on your lifestyle, demands and emotional tendencies.  Believe me, not everyone does well on greens or plant-based diets alone, but we will incorporate elements of this for you to enjoy.  We need to find the best plan for you.

If you are a women who wants to shed pounds I would say forget Paleo and Keto for now – whilst the principles are great, it will be difficult for people to digest meat or high protein until we get your gut bacteria and digestion back into optimum health.  However, there is some overlap between Ayurveda, Paleo and Western diets to get a full and happy balance with it. This is especially important during menopause, which does not have to be as hard as many people think. With the right foods that work in symmetry with your body, hot flushes and mood swings CAN be reduced!

My key to weight loss is to firstly look and address:

  • The reason you put it on in the first place-we need to talk about this from the outset and it can be the most difficult part in moving forward
  • Your particular body type and what foods are best (not just from a nutritional view but from speed of digestion, hot, cold, bulky, dry etc)
  • What times you eat based on how you digest and eliminate your food
  • The difference preferences in foods between you and your partner.  I can give you tips to easily tailor this when cooking for different tastes.
  • Your energy and lymphatic system – sluggish internal organs need a different approach
  • The amount of exercise you do, even if this is limited.  10,000 steps is not the way to loose weight!
  • Your stress levels and how you manage everyday trials and tribulations-stress holds weight as cortisol slows your metabolism
  • How you plan your time and your day to get things done
  • Whether you like cooking or prefer eating out or fast food
  • How your brain hijacks you NOT to do something

Stress can lead to weight gain 

There is evidence based research to show a link between stress and weight gain.  The stress hormone cortisol plays a key role in this.  When you are stressed, you release this cortisol adn adrenaline from the adrenal glands.  This causes glucose to be released into the bloodstream.  You get energy for a while then crash as blood sugars spike.  Stress can also cause you to:

  • overeat or skip meals
  • become dehydrated as you forget to drink water.  You feel tired so crave and eat more sugar and fat
  • crave unhealthy foods, mainly the wrong carbs or sugars.  If you are not using the energy from sugar, it is converted to fat and stored in the cells for future use
  • go on fad diets, which can be unhealthy or temporary
  • emotionally and mindlessly eat even if you are not hungry

Weight-loss is a lifestyle change not a short-term fix!

  1. If it is based on a low calorie diet, it can often be unhealthy as you can just count calories and replace fat with sugar!
  2. If it is based on reducing carbs and having to think about whether a food is carb or not, it can be draining everytime you are hungry or crave something!
  3. If it is based on 5 days of eating and 2 days  not – rubbish.  You may not be the type of person can do fasting or restrictive eating.  On the other hand we can assess whether fasting of some sort EVERY DAY could help you.  Why fast if you are hungry or prone to being HANGRY (a prominent characteristic of the Pitta dosha!).
  4. Do not let old age, hormones or parents genes hold you back as an excuse – they are only a small contributing factor to your weight and health.
  5. When your stomach grumbles because it needs food then feed it.  If you have over-indulged or eaten late at night then fast for a period of hours which I can determine for you.  I will show you the best times and type of fasting to do, once again, depending on your own unique lifestyle and demands.

Never start trying to lose weight or go on a detox in January. You are setting yourself up for failure. As it is still winter, your body needs warm, comforting and calm foods and routines. This is to keep you warm from the elements outside as you store fat for energy in Spring. Stay away from cold foods as they will upset your digestion.  If you start to make changes in Spring or early Autumn, you will have a better chance at success for the rest of the year.

Remember, we need to slow down and hibernate a bit during the colder weather, just like our ancesters did when food was in less supply.

So look no further.  Ayurveda and NLP in my coaching session have the answer to just being the best version of yourself and getting the life you want.  You may not want to be a stick insect but you might want to lose one, two, three or four stone – simple, realistic and achievable AND this time next year you will have kept it in balance.  You will have better energy, less aches and more clarity on what you want in life rather than focussing your energy on food and weight issues.

Working with me to lose weight will consider your:

A.  Human Brain Behaviour – including stress as mentioned above, eating patterns etc

B. Your body and characteristics – they play more of a role as an individual approach is absolutely key – one diet DOES NOT FIT ALL.

C. The microbiome of your gut – how you process, store and excrete your food.  I can do simple tests to look at this but it plays a key role in your health.

D.  The time you have – we cannot set a specific exercise or eating plan that works for everyone to lose weight.  That is madness.  What about the job the person has, the other commitments that must be carried out, the poor digestion for meat, any existing exhaustion or lymphatic blockages causing energy drains, past illnesses, stress levels, sleep patterns.  These all play a role in what you eat, your mood and your time.

You may not know it, but there is a secondary gain to your negative actions and I dig deep into your unconscious mind to find out what this is.  Once you find that out, you can start to move forward.  This section of the coaching is when you really start to feel motivated, empowered and in more control.  Your freedom starts from this point onwards.

Sessions are £50.00 for your first 1 hour 30 minute consultation and assessment.  Then it will cost you £50.00 per hour thereafter.
Part of this includes regular half hour telephone follow up to monitor what is not quite working and what is working well. Motivation and support are key to weight loss. We review and reassess at every session so you are continually moving forward towards your weight-loss and life goal.

Otherwise book a FREE telephone consultation to have a chat and find out more

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